5 B Corp Products for Your Next Corporate Gift

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Karst 5.5"x 8.5" Stone Bound Notebook

The Karst Stone Bound Notebook is a unique and eco-friendly option for your next corporate gift. Made from recycled stone waste, this B Corp made notebook not only helps reduce waste, but it also provides a unique and stylish way to take notes. With a durable cover and high-quality paper, this notebook is sure to impress. The notebook is also available in blue, red, and beige, and with a custom design available it’s easy to make the perfect match for your company's branding.

Jot down ideas and organize thoughts with an eco-conscious Stone Bound Notebook

Cotopaxi Batac Backpack

Look no further for a corporate gift that all eyes will follow. Cotopaxi’s latest Batac Backpack is a head-turner made from repurposed materials, so every bag is unique.  The bold colors and unique design make it a standout option for your next corporate gift but this backpack is more than just looks. With multiple pockets, a padded laptop compartment, and adjustable straps, this backpack is perfect for work or travel. For more top custom Cotopaxi products make sure 11 Customized Cotopaxi Corporate Gift Ideas is your next read! 

Upgrade your swag game with the colorful and eco-friendly Cotopaxi Batac backpack

Tentree Organic Cotton Ocean Breeze Throw

With a beautiful ocean-inspired design, this throw is perfect for your remote workers’ home office or as a cozy addition to the office couch. Organic cotton is not only soft to the touch but is also a more sustainable choice, helping reduce the impact of traditional cotton production on the environment.

This throw is extra cozy when knowing the B Corp-made blanket plants ten trees for every purchase 

MiiR Vacuum Insulated Wide Mouth Hatchback Chug Lid Bottle

This MiiR water bottle is a perfect custom corporate gift for employees who are always on the go. With vacuum insulation, this bottle keeps drinks hot or cold for hours, making it the perfect companion for a busy day. The wide mouth and chug lid makes it easy to drink from, while the durable construction ensures that it will last for years to come. As a B Corp, MiiR is committed to using business as a force for good, making this bottle not only functional but also a responsible choice. 

Durable, leakproof, and insulated, makes this MiiR bottle is a commuter’s dream

Bellroy Tech Kit

The Bellroy Tech Kit is a stylish and functional gift for your next corporate giveaway. With a range of pockets and compartments, this kit is perfect for organizing tech accessories and cables. The high-quality leather construction provides durability, while the sleek design makes it a stylish choice. As a B Corp, Bellroy is committed to using business as a tool for positive change, making this kit not only a useful gift, but also a responsible choice.

Keep every cable, lead, and accessory secure and safe with Bellroy’s Tech Kit

One more thing 

Each of these products provides a unique and functional option for your next corporate gift, while also prioritizing sustainability and social responsibility. By choosing B Corps for your next corporate gift, you can show your commitment to using business as a tool for positive change.

If you’d love to support the B Corp movement but have other ideas in mind, connect with a Branded Expert and share your ideas. We have so many possibilities that go beyond what we’re able to share in the DGW Shop. Contact us, and you’ll hear back from your personal Branded Expert within one business day. 

Who we are

​​As a B Corp, DGW Branded takes pride in thinking beyond profit. Not only do we want to transform workplaces, campuses, and events, but we also want to create meaningful change in communities and be responsible for the planet. 

Thanks to our customers, we’ve been able to support sustainable and mission-minded businesses and provide a brighter future for disadvantaged members of our communities. Discover more about who we are and why we think business should work for everyone, in this section of our website.  


Q: What is a B Corp certification?
B Corp Certification is a designation that a business is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.

Q: What is unique about the Karst Stone Bound Notebook?

A: The Karst Stone Bound Notebook is unique because it is made from recycled stone waste and is an eco-friendly option for your next corporate gift.

Q: What is the social responsibility of B Corps?

A: B Corps are committed to using business as a force for good and to create meaningful change in communities. They prioritize sustainability and social responsibility in their business practices.

Q: What is the advantage of choosing B Corps for corporate gifts?

A: Choosing B Corps for corporate gifts shows a commitment to using business as a tool for positive change. B Corps prioritize sustainability and social responsibility in their business practices, which aligns with many companies' values and mission statements.

Supporting B Corp certified businesses offers high-quality, socially and environmentally responsible products. Check out our DGW Shop and B Corp mission page to learn more about the movement and our selection of customizable products.

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