Kin + Carta Case Study: B Corp Celebration

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Our client

Kin + Carta is a leading digital transformation consultancy committed to working alongside its clients to build a world that works better for everyone. Achieving B Corp certification was the result of a three-year strategy to transform the firm into a responsible business committed to its triple bottom line. This objective was realized in December 2021, when Kin + Carta achieved global certification and became the first certified B Corp on the London Stock Exchange.

The project 

Having heard that Kin + Carta had recently become B Corp certified, DGW Branded contacted the consultancy to congratulate them on joining the purpose-driven movement. We also enquired about how they planned to celebrate this landmark achievement. 

Our team was informed that Kin + Carta planned to create a special experience to reward their employees and thank them for their hard work and dedication. With Kin + Carta expressing an interest in working with a B Corp for this special event, we provided a few ideas that would make the experience unforgettable.   

At DGW Branded, we’re proud to offer fully-customizable Branded Kits as a special way to reward employees and celebrate major achievements. We shared examples of previous Branded Kit projects, with Kin + Carta sharing our belief that they would make an outstanding experience for their employees. 

Kin + Carta was eager to work with a B Corp for this project, and was enthusiastic when hearing about DGW Branded’s Workforce Development program. They were eager about the prospect of former foster having the opportunity to learn new skills and have full-time employment when kitting and packing the Branded Kits that would be given to their employees. 

Both parties were delighted to form an agreement that would see 448 custom kits be created and sent to all Kin + Carta employees working hybrid across the US. It was also decided that employees would be able to create their own tailored kit with multiple options to choose from. 

Kin + Carta employees could choose between a backpack or a sweatshirt, and a Cork and Jute Bound notebook or a Recycled PET Bound Notebook. They could also pick one of the following seed options: basil, carrot, chili pepper, lettuce, sunflower, tomato, and wildflower. With this personalized touch, DGW Branded could truly cater to each employee.

Kin + Carta Custom Merch Kit
A customized kit for a Kin + Carta to celebrate their recent B Corp certification

Problems and solutions 

We were delighted to have the opportunity to work with the latest company to join the B Corp movement. With the project’s completion, our client expressed their delight in partnering with DGW Branded, especially with how we were able to fufill their requests. 

For instance, Kin + Carta wished for three different custom kit options for their employees to choose from. 

As a result, we created a custom landing page for employees to choose their favorite products on our website, with several employees remarking on the simplicity of this application. 

DGW Branded created a secure database which employees could easily and safely input their contact info, shipping address, and product choices. We could then determine how many kits were required, the products inside, and what address the package would be shipped to.

A more complex issue occurred when we had to pre-warn Kin + Carta that supply chain issues may cause certain products to become scarce. We explained that due to the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting our supply chain, we were unable to guarantee certain products would be shipped in the required quantities before the deadline. 

We solved this concern thanks to our logistic team working tirelessly with vendors to find suitable alternative products. Branded Experts were also in constant communication with our client to ensure that they had the latest information regarding the products that could be shipped and the expected delivery date. 

It’s thanks to these Branded Experts that DGW Branded was able to source products that were approved by the Kin + Carta team. We kept Kin + Carta informed at every stage with the latest information, such as during the custom design process and when the kits were shipped directly to their US hybrid employees.

The final result 

Everyone involved in the project was delighted with the final result. Kin + Carta’s employees loved their unique Branded Kit; a particular joy came from having various options to choose from, as well as the knowledge that the local community also benefited from the collaboration. 

Kin + Carta expressed their gratitude to us for the attention to detail we put into the custom kits and thus allowed their incredible team to fully celebrate their B Corp certification. Kin + Carta’s project manager who helped organize the mission was full of praise for how the project went. She stated: "I've loved to see our employees receiving their kits; they are beyond loved!"

With both companies expressing nothing but good words about the collaboration, we hope other newly certified B Corps look to celebrate their accomplishment through the magical experience that are Branded Kits. We are confident that our relationship with Kin + Carta will continue to strengthen with future projects, and we are looking forward to what the future holds for both companies.

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