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Putting purpose first

By putting purpose above profit, B Corps want to win your trust. To proudly stamp their products or services with ‘Certified B Corp’, they have to pass the stringent B Labs assessment. These tests measure the business’ environmental responsibility, its treatment of its workers, and other key pillars of a business. By supporting a B Corp, you’re helping local communities flourish and endorse financial transparency in business.

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Putting people and planet over profit.

Mission driven

Did you know that DGW Branded is a B Corp? As part of our commitment to demonstrating the importance of mission-driven businesses to our customers, we proudly joined the movement in 2020. If you want to discover more about how we want to redefine what a business is, visit our ‘Who We Are!’ 

Who we are

We love creating kit experiences for our clients! Not only does this allow us to get creative with our approaches, but it also creates the most amount of jobs for young adults who’ve experienced foster care.

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The future of business

What’s the purpose of business? Historically, it’s been the pursuit of infinite profit and insatiable growth. B Corps think differently. By switching focus from shareholder interest to those of the planet, the future of business is here

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