Supply Chain Shortages: What to Expect in Holiday 2021


Supply chain shortfalls can affect how you make your holiday purchases.

With the holiday season around the corner (okay maybe a few corners), there’s a good chance you’re starting to think about what gifts to purchase for corporate or business needs.

But before you start buying anything for anyone else, take some time to consider how supply chain shortfalls could affect what items are available in stores this year! Fortunately we’ve got some predictions of shortages that should be on everyone’s radar so check out our list below:


1) Rideshare Businesses

Rideshare businesses such as Uber and Lyft are struggling to fill driver positions, leading to longer wait times and higher fares. This is cause for concern as ridesharing services are now one of the most popular ways people get around – and they’re going outta business like crazy! This could lead you right back into gridlock traffic and high cab fares during holiday travel.

Harsh ratings definitely aren't going to bring this fellow back!

2) Apparel and Fabric

Wildfires are causing closures of major textile factories in Bangladesh, which has led to a shortage of cotton and polyester material. This means that the latest winter drops are on higher demand than ever!

We encourage everyone who is waiting for the leaves to turn to purchase their winter apparel now. Beanies, jackets and fleece material have especially been in high demand. Contact us today because soon enough no one will want anything made before 2018!

Fleece is on HOT demand right now!


3) Coffee

It seems as though the world has fallen in love with coffee. Unfortunately, climate change and disease have put a damper on this newfound relationship between people and caffeine-spiked beverages. Brazil produces about one third of all coffee worldwide, but due to weather changes or pest infestations they’ve seen declines in their production by 13% over last year alone!

This is bad news for those who rely heavily on caffeinated drinks because it means that we may soon see an increase in prices at your local cafe or even run out of favorite blends altogether. If you’re not already hoarding bags under your bed then now might be worth considering adding some more to our cart before supplies dwindle too much further – better safe than sorry right?

Even coffee showers should be done with your favorite coffee.

4) Packaging

There are plenty of trees in the world, right? Unfortunately, this is not always true. The supply of raw materials for packaging has been rapidly dwindling since demand on these goods and services have increased exponentially due to a number factors such as an increase in construction projects that utilize wood products like cardboard boxes or paperboard sheets.

This trend could affect your holiday purchases too because many businesses will be forced to raise prices – some by 50%! So if you want your company’s packaged kits to look their best next year, then it would be wise to place those orders now so there won’t be any delays during peak season.

Check out our list of Holiday Kits that we’ve put together to get that (egg) nog going!

This feline is prepared for all her cardboard needs.


Get Holiday Kits Before It's Too Late!

The supply chain is a complicated beast that’s hard to wrap your head around. But, in order for you to best prepare yourself for success in 2021 (and beyond), it’s important that you have an understanding of how things work.

Remember, all these factors will impact the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So get those holiday gifts purchased early so we can ensure availability without having to worry about running short or price surges.

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