2024 is a Landmark Year for Corporate Tradeshows and Events

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Two employees standing infront of an eco friendly booth at the Net Zero Conference

Custom Merch and Giveaways for sellout 2024 Trade Shows 

After a few years of uncertainty, 2024 is the year of the Trade Show comeback! This year, huge Trade Show Events are planned across the USA, from CLEANPOWER 2024 in March to the famous SEMA Show at the end of the year. Wherever your company is heading it’s an opportunity to flex its branding muscles. 

If you want the most impactful and memorable interactions possible, it’s crucial to have the right kit. Check out these custom merch ideas that will help make your trade booth be the talk of the event! 

Imagine swag that's not just a handout but a standout – tech-savvy gadgets or eco-friendly masterpieces that echo your brand's innovative spirit.

1. Dimple Double Wall Ceramic Cup 10oz

This custom Dimple Double Wall Ceramic Cup 10oz is a giveaway must as your custom logo will be a magnet as attendees head through the event. 

A Black and white reusable ceramic cup that looks like a paper cup
It may be simple but the Dimple Double Wall Ceramic Cup 10oz can be an event gamechanger

2. The Goods Recycled Felt Shoulder Tote

As audiences collect their freebies, they need a place to put all their belongings. A custom The Goods Recycled Felt Shoulder Tote is a sustainable way to provide them with what they need.

A grey recycled felt tote with black straps

3. Modern Sprout® One For One Tree Kits

These custom Modern Sprout® One For One Tree Kits are housed in USA-made containers crafted from upcycled cow manure to ensure 100% biodegradability. What’s more, they perfectly encapsulate the eco-friendly and fun ethos of your organization.

A tree kit with a canvas bag that is able to be customized for corporate events

4. Reprise RPET Textured Stone Paper Journal

The custom Reprise RPET Textured Stone Paper Journal is meticulously crafted from sustainable materials. It’s the ideal swag idea for trade shows as attendees can jot down notes and ideas as they visit booths and seminars.

A grey recycled stone paper notebook that has a grey strap to hold the pages closed and can be customized with your logo

Custom Signage and Banners: Go Big. Be Green. Get Branded. 

We hear you. You don’t want a couple of enquiries and exchange LinkedIn details. You want to be the star of the show. The booth everyone’s talking about. That’s why DGW Branded has custom banners and signage that know no compromise. Speak with Branded Experts about your event and what your objectives are, and we’ll source the best ideas based on our conversation. Similarly to our trade show exhibit booth at Net Zero 2023, we can create eco-friendly custom tablecloths and signage so you can make the best impression. 

A colorful trade show event booth with custom flags, booth, and banners.

Visit the special Events and Signage section of the DGW Branded website to learn more about how we can amplify your brand at trade shows and events. Once you’re ready, click the live chat in the corner to quickly begin discussing your ideas with a Branded Expert. 

an employee standing in front of a trade show booth at SEWF 2023
Be a tradeshow sensation - Just like Doing Good Works at SEWF23!

Beyond the Booth: Branded Merchandise for every Corporate Event

Every company event, regardless of its scale, is a chance to reinforce your brand identity. Be it a celebratory annual dinner or a casual Friday barbecue, your swag can add a personal touch.

Picture elegant, branded merchandise for formal events, or fun, interactive items that bring a smile during casual gatherings.

1. Popping with Appreciation Gourmet Gift Set

A casual movie night just got the blockbuster treatment thanks to this custom Popping with Appreciation Gourmet Gift Set! Complete with premium kernels, assorted seasonings, a popcorn popper, this set is ideal for celebrating company success. 

A custom popcorn set with different flavors, kernels and a custom popcorn cup that can be customized with your logo
Help your team bonding nights pop off with this tasty Appreciation Gourmet Gift Set

2. La Cuisine Cheese Board with Serving Set

For something a little more elegant, how about this engraved La Cuisine Cheese Board with Serving Set? Sophisticated dinner parties will appreciate the engraved acacia wood, perfect for presenting exquisite appetizers and delectable charcuterie spreads.

A wooden cutting board with serving utensils with storage. Can be customized with your own logo o
Fine dining with clients? Make the best impression with this custom La Cuisine Cheese Board with Serving Set

3. W&P Craft Cocktail Kit

Get the party started with the custom W&P Craft Cocktail Kit! For your team event, this is a great way for team members to bond and share a drink together. With Moscow Mule and Italian Spritz among the six choices available, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

A Craft Cocktail kit in a copper tin. The flavor is moscow mule. It can be customized with your logo
Your employees will have a blast crafting their favorite cocktail with their custom W&P Craft Cocktail Kit

4. The North Face® Apex Duffel

Is your employee about to embark on a cross-country mission to represent your company at a big event? Or are you looking for the ultimate employee retreat with your team? Either way, the custom The North Face® Apex Duffel is the perfect duffel for the task.

A black The North Face Apex Duffel that can be customized with your logo
Jetting off to trade shows has never been more comfortable, thanks to the custom The North Face® Apex Duffel

5. Cuisinart® Cleanburn Smokeless Tabletop Fire Pit

One of the hottest custom merch ideas to enjoy at a company barbeque is this sizzling Cuisinart® Cleanburn Smokeless Tabletop Fire Pit. This compact tabletop fire pit bowl is super easy to carry and transport so you can take it wherever your party is held. 

Cuisinart Cleanburn Smokeless Tabletop Fire Pit with a fire lit in the middle. Can be customized with your logo
Company gatherings can last all night thanks to the custom Cuisinart® Cleanburn Smokeless Tabletop Fire Pit. Enquire with our Branded Experts to customize yours.

2024: The Year Your Brand Shines 

From the high-energy trade show floors to intimate team gatherings, let's make each moment a testament to your brand's unique story. With DGW Branded, you can transform a dull booth into an unforgettable experience, and revolutionize team gatherings into an occasion like no other! Discover Branded Merch that reflects your brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and memorable connections.

Ready to redefine event branding in 2024? Let's create something extraordinary together!

2024: Company trade shows and events are back!

2024 is the year of dynamic corporate business events and epic tradeshows! When properly planned and executed, business events and trade show exhibits are the ultimate way to create a vibrant canvas to engage potential partners, clients and customers to hear your brand’s story. 

We’re here to help you get every attendees attention through branded merchandise and sustainable banners and signage. Whether you’re like us and heading to Net Zero, or just having a small gathering round the barbecue, Branded Experts have everything you need to get a standing ovation. 

Discover sustainable, mission-minded branded merch with DGW Branded. As a certified B Corp, we offer quality branded swag for those seeking to align their brand with their values

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