How to Run A Summer Internship in Six Simple Steps (2023)

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Step One: Find the Best

  1. You won’t find the best talent without a strategic and well implemented marketing campaign. Prospective summer interns are captivated by job descriptions that showcase your unique opportunities and the perks associated with your program. 
  2. Connect with universities and career fairs to cast a wider net for potential applicants. Proudly display testimonials in your brochures to give potential interns a better understanding of the benefits and value of your program.
  3. Don’t forget that freebies including custom hats, branded notebooks, and other forms of custom corporate swag is a powerful way to attract top candidates who vibe with your company culture.

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Hands up if you love free swag? Event giveaways can help your business stand out while increasing brand recognition

Step Two: All aboard the intern-ship! 

  1. An immersive orientation helps your summer interns understand your company’s mission and values. Highlight the benefits and learning opportunities of your internship program as well as what is expected of each interim. This will allow both parties to understand how the program can be most effective.
  2. Assign every summer intern with a guidebook that details their roles, responsibilities, and expectations.  A QR code that links to a supportive video also goes a long way to ensuring your summer interns feel valued.
  3. Buddy-up interns with an experienced employee so that they have a go-to for support and guidance. It’s also a great way for summer interns to understand a the day-in-the-life at your company and how their career can progress. 
  4. Most importantly, provide a Branded Kit filled with a custom water bottle, backpack and maybe even a cap to stay cool in the warm weather! Speak to a Branded Expert who can help curate the perfect products for your summer interns!

Image of an antique sailing boat in clear open waters. Light brown sails with a US flag waving from the mast.
Set sail on the most successful summer internship program thanks to these simple tips

Step Three: Roadmap to success 

  1. Outline clear goals so every summer intern can see how with hard work and dedication they can succeed at your company. Testimonials of other interns will help give them confidence that by working hard, they can achieve their goals. 
  2. Schedule regular check-ins to offer valuable insights into each summer intern’s performance. Don’t forget, for many summer interns this is their first professional career role, they’re bound to need support and have questions answered.
  3. Present opportunities for skill development and training, like workshops, seminars, or online courses. Ask them where they see how they see their career journey and provide a pathway for these dreams to be realized. 

 Image of an antique treasure map with two people’s hands trying to find their coordinates. Red X marks several places on the diagram.‍
If you provide the map, interns will discover the gold

Step Four: Say hi, try, and buy

  1. Encourage open communication and feedback to consistently improve. It’s important to realize it’s not just the interns who need advice! This also reaffirms your policy of creating a safe space for summer interns to share their thoughts and ideas. 
  2. Team building events are a great way to help interns bond with their peers and colleagues. They can hear useful advice and learn how collaboration and teamwork can influence a business. 
  3. Company culture is key for summer interns to feel included and part of the team. Consider custom promotional products to increase a sense of community and belonging.

Image of several people playing volleyball at sunset, their bodies silhouetted by the fading sun.
Show that your business is more than meetings and KPI’s by creating great team building events

Step Five: Celebrate Victories:

  1. Offer rewards such as an engraved trophy or custom Sony speaker to motivate summer interns into reaching their full potential. Not only will this reinforce the value of your intern, it will reflect your brand in a great light.
  2. Provide constructive feedback so summer interns can maximize their ability. Telling interns how they can improve, may benefit your company once they’ve finished college!
  3. Company-wide recognition for intern achievements help them feel like part of the team. Summer interns provide valuable contributions to organizations - the gratitude should go both ways.

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Show enthusiasm and passion for your summer interns and they’ll feel top of the world

Step Six: Blast Off to Future Success:

  1. Have a one-on-one meeting with every summer intern to understand how they considered their time at your business. You can understand their thoughts on improvement so the next internship can be an even greater success. 
  2. Offer guidance for career development as they set sail for the next chapter of their professional journey. This will make your company the first place they call when they’ve gained more experience. 
  3. Keep in touch with summer interns through networks such as LinkedIn to potentially collaborate in the future. These connections can have lifelong impact.
  4. Summer internships are a great way to discover top talent who can be offered a full time position if they really impress. Run a successful internship and every summer intern will be sending you their full resume! 

A space rocket has just launched with heavy smoke clouds caused from takeoff. Birds, a lake, and bushes fill the foreground.
A successful internship will help launch the careers of the brightest minds of the next generation


We’re confident that by following these six simple steps your business can be the place every intern wants to spend their summer. Not only does a successful internship benefit your interns as they look to take invaluable professional and life experiences from their time at your company, but it also amplifies your company culture, brand image and recruitment strategies. 

When you’re ready to level-up your internship program, speak to a Branded Expert who will curate the best custom swag and corporate Branded Kits to elevate your interns’ experience and show off your brand in the best way possible. 

A custom branded kti in a white box that is filled with a puffer jacket, a black backpack, stainless steel tumbler, wireless headphones, and a stainless steel pen. All products are customized with a logo
The most important step is building your own Branded Kit for interns!

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A: The turnaround time for rush orders can vary based on factors like required items, decorating method, and shipping locations. In some cases, we've fulfilled rush orders in less than 48 hours.

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A: Customized swag refers to promotional merchandise or products that are customized with a particular design or branding for a specific company, event, or occasion. These products can range from t-shirts, hats, bags, and other apparel to promotional items like pens, mugs, keychains, and more. Customized swag is often used as a marketing tool to promote a brand, raise awareness for a cause, or as a giveaway at events. By customizing these products with a company's logo or message, they can create a unique and memorable marketing opportunity that helps to build brand recognition and loyalty.

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  1. Support ethical and fair-trade suppliers: Look for suppliers who prioritize fair wages, safe working conditions, and ethical production practices. This can help promote social justice and human rights in the supply chain.

  1. Give back to the community: Consider purchasing products or services from companies that give back to the community. This can help support local charities and non-profit organizations.

Why summer internship programs can be huge for your company

A great internship program can have multiple benefits to your business. Not only does it provide your summer interns with an unforgettable experience but it also helps your company attract top talent and elevate your brand image. 

We’re going to share the secrets to the ultimate summer internship program that will have every intern desperate to secure a full time job at your company! 

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In six simple steps, you can elevate company culture and do good for your interns! 

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