How to Boost Employee Morale this Summer (2023)

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Branded Kit for the Beach 

As summer approaches, many employees look forward to spending time at the beach, soaking up the sun, and enjoying the water. For companies that want to boost employee morale, creating a custom kit for employees with unique gifts to enjoy while at the beach is a great way to do so.

Great for: Employees who love heading to the beach or lake

Inspiration for kit: Slowtide Quick-Dry Towel,  rPET Boonie Hat, CORKCICLE® Sport Canteen Soft Touch- 20 Oz. and Heritage Supply Catalina Cotton Tote.

Blue and white custom tote with two black and white straps. Space for custom logo on the front of the bag.  Black and white custom tote with two black and white straps. Space for custom logo on the front of the bag. Green custom CORKCICLE® Sport Canteen Soft Touch- 20 Oz with a black lid and handle.
As Summer 2024, a Beach Kit makes for an awesome employee appeciation gift.

Branded Kit for the Golf Course 

For many employees, spending time on the golf course is a great way to unwind and enjoy some leisure time. Boost employee morale through this unique way to show your appreciation for your staff. For the ultimate unique swag idea for employees who love sports, consider creating a custom kit to enjoy while on the golf course. A Golf Branded Kit is also a guaranteed hole-in-one as you hit the range with your top clients. 

Great for: Sport-loving employees and client appreciation 

Inspiration for kit: tentree Basic Hemp Altitude Hat - Unisex, Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls, CORKCICLE® Classic Arctican

Unisex - Grey heather tentree Basic Hemp Altitude Hat - Unisex with space for a custom logo on the front center. White custom CORKCICLE® Classic Arctican shown in the image covering a white can. A black and gold box of custom Titleist Pro V1 Golf Balls. A separate smaller case containing one visible golf ball. Also shown is a custom golf ball in the foreground.
Golf Kits make for a great morale booster as summer approaches

Branded Kits for picnics 

Summer is a time for picnics, barbecues, and spending time outdoors with family, friends, and colleagues. By creating a custom picnic kit for your employees, your organization can show your appreciation for your staff while providing them with items that they can enjoy during their time off. This can help boost employee morale and create a positive work culture. So, if you're looking for a way to reward your hard-working employees, consider creating a Branded Kit for picnics that every employee will love.

Great for: Employee retreats, a great reward for top performers

Inspiration for Kit: Eddie Bauer® Woodland Blanket,  W&P Porter Utensil Set, Bellroy Market Tote

Folded  Eddie Bauer® Woodland Blanket in a brown, black, and white, plaid custom design. Top right corner is folded and space for a custom logo on the bottom left corner. A black, custom Bellroy Market Tote with grey straps. Inside is grocery shopping. Custom W&P Porter Utensil Set. Shown in the image is the black carrying case, and plastic knife, fork, and spoon.
For adventures or just a chilled picnic, this Outdoor Kit makes for an excellent custom corporate gift

Branded Kits for Internships 

Summer internships are a great opportunity for prospective employees to gain hands-on experience at your business. However, it can be overwhelming for those looking for a summer position to prepare for an internship, especially if it’s their first one. To help make the process easier, creating a custom kit for summer internships can be incredibly helpful and provide them with the custom swag they need to make the best possible start. Here are some essential items to include in your Branded Kit for internships.

Great for: Morale boost for Summer Interns 

Kit inspiration:Mercer+Mettle™ Stretch Heavyweight Pique Polo, Bamboo Journal, Moleskine® GO Pen, Out of The Woods® Hedgehog Lunch Bag,

A green polo with a custom logo on front left chest. A Bamboo with organic cotton binding and black strap. Moleskine Go Pen with custom logo on the front in white. Kraft Paper Lunch bag with white rope to close the bag on the top.
Summer Interns will be desperate to stay at your company thanks to thias Welcome Kit
One more thing

Branded Kits are a great way to boost employee morale and there’s no time more needed for employees to receive a well-deserved boost than for summer. Just remember, the kits we put together are just ideas. You can create your own completely customizable Branded Kit with our new Build a Kit feature. Alternatively, you can contact a Branded Expert who will help curate and customize your own ideas for you.

Who we are 

As a B Corp, DGW Branded takes immense pride in its commitment to going beyond mere profitability. Our vision encompasses more than just transforming workplaces, campuses, and events – we aim to create meaningful change within communities and embrace our responsibility towards the planet. If you’re curious about this new form of business, read our story to learn more. 


Q: Where can I build my own Branded Kit?

A: You can build your own Branded Kits in this section of our website. Alternatively, you can speak with a Branded Expert who’ll curate even more ideas for you.

Q: How quickly can a rush order be fulfilled?

A: The turnaround time for rush orders can vary based on factors like required items, decorating method, and shipping locations. In some cases, we've fulfilled rush orders in less than 48 hours.

Q: What other ways can I support my employees this summer? 

A: We have two other resources available. Top 25 Custom Promo Products for Summer 2023! and 10 Corporate Swag Ideas to Impress Clients on the Golf Course have everything you need to raise morale and increase brand awareness! 

Q: What are some other good ideas for fun corporate events?

A: Activities like hiking, kayaking, and rock climbing are great ways to get employees outdoors and active. These types of activities can also promote teamwork and communication.

Boost employee morale with Branded Kits

Summer is here! That means warmer weather, multiple ice creams per day… and employees who’d rather be anywhere but stuck in the office. However much we’d all wish we could stick a ‘Be back in the Fall’ sign on our HQ’s door and get to the beach, we don’t think that would fly with our boss. 

But that doesn’t mean our employees have to daydream about sunbathing and surfing. 

Summer Branded Kits are a great way to boost employee morale. You can provide an emergency care package filled with all the things they need to enjoy the summer while creating added motivation while in the office. In this article, we’re going to look at three different Summer Branded Kits you can consider creating unique employee gift ideas for the summer. 

Please note that all the items included are just suggestions based on products available in the DGW Shop. You can browse the whole store to find even more ideas suitable for your Summer Branded Kits. If you’re looking for even more custom swag inspiration, speak with a Branded Expert who can curate a list for all budgets. 

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