Eco-friendly Custom Promo for Plastic-free July

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When it comes to sustainability, chopping down even more trees doesn’t sound great, but don’t give us the axe. Whereas a big oak might take 35 years to fully grow, bamboo takes just a few months. This allows the forests to be sustainable, plus bamboo’s rapid growth means their products can be a lot cheaper to buy than traditionally made products. 

A custom poster showing Bamboo Branded Merch
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1. Bamboo Powerbank with Wireless Charger

This handy custom tech product combines a sleek and powerful power bank with a charging pad to keep your employees’ phones charged. It helps reduce waste as it combines two handy custom office items in one engraved bamboo design. This Bamboo Powerbank with Wireless Charger is a must for boosting productivity while reducing plastic waste! 

Bamboo Powerbank with Wireless Charger with ‘Your Logo’ engraved. Second image shows an iPhone being charged by being placed on top of the charger. Also shown is a black USB-C charging cable.
Eco friendly? Check. Multiple functions, you know it. The custom Bamboo Powerbank with Wireless Charger does it all

2. Bamboo flash drive and keyring

Not only is this bamboo flash drive a great way to help your office team celebrate Plastic Free July but it’s also one of the most attractive flash drives on the market. Its beautifully clean bamboo design and handy keyring make this a great custom corporate gift. Engrave with your custom logo and it makes a great gift for new employees. 

This custom bamboo flash drive looks good and does good. It’s that simple. 

3. Bamboo Journal

With its compact and portable design, this custom Bamboo Journal is perfect for capturing your recipients’ thoughts, ideas, and inspirations on the go. The smooth uniquely engraved bamboo cover provides a comfortable writing surface, while the durable binding ensures that your precious words are safely preserved. Whether your employees are jotting down notes, sketching, or journaling, this versatile companion is ready for every step of their creative journey. 

Bamboo journal with a black rubber spine and black bind. ‘Your Logo’ is custom engraved on the front center of the bamboo front.
With an affordable bamboo journal, there’s no excuse to opt for the plastic option

4. Wheat Straw Bento Box

Embrace sustainable and mindful eating habits while minimizing plastic waste. Let's strive for a greener future where our meals not only nourish our bodies but also nourish the planet we call home. The custom Wheat Straw Bento Box is another sustainable Bento Box that ticks all these boxes making it a top way to celebrate Plastic Free July! 

Bamboo lid with ‘Your Logo’ on the top. Blackstrap keeps the box's compartments together.
This custom wheat straw bento box is big enough to refill employees' breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

5. Double Wall Ceramic Mug with Bamboo Lid

Ditch the plastic bottle for good! This custom Double Wall Ceramic Mug with Bamboo Lid looks better and is infinitely more sustainable than any of its plastic counterparts. Its beautiful bamboo lid keeps drinks from spilling in the office and there’s plenty of space for your company logo on the ceramic shell. White water bottle with a bamboo lid.

The Double Wall Ceramic Mug with Bamboo Lid has a black Your Logo facing downwards on the front of the bottle.
Upgrade your office and save the planet - The Double Wall Ceramic Mug is a no-brainer! 

Kraft Paper

Kraft paper has been used for over a century to produce a far stronger form of paper. Because it naturally degrades in just a few weeks, it has no greater environmental consequence than leaves falling off a tree. A variant of kraft paper, made from recycled pulp, is a great option for brands that want to use sustainable packaging in their supply chain. While its uses as a packaging material have been well-known, the DGW Shop has a range of products that proves it is a great alternative to plastic.

Side shot of a recyclable cardboard box with its four icons, plastic free, compostable, recycled, and biodegradable written on the side
Looking for a Branded Kit? We can source eco-friendly products, kit packaging and shipping

1. Kraft Paper Backpack

A forward-thinking way to implement the use of kraft material for your business is a backpack. Ours is fully padded, can carry most laptops and it has two mesh water bottle holders. So it does everything a regular backpack can do but is made with washable kraft paper.

Khaki green Kraft Paper Backpack with brown strap handles. Your logo is center bottom on the front of the backpack.
The custom Kraft Paper Backpack is a head-turning way to impress potential customers

2. Out of the Woods Iconic Shopper

Featuring a sleek and minimalist design, this custom Out of the Woods Iconic Shopper exudes timeless elegance. The Iconic Shopper is an everlasting favorite, effortlessly combining versatility and style. Whether your employees and recipients are running errands, going to the gym, or embarking on a new adventure, this all-purpose tote has the strength to keep up with every activity. 

Brown Out of the Woods Iconic Shopper with Your Design customized on the front
Your recipients will be able to use their Out of the Woods Iconic Shopper for their daily errands

3. Kraft Paper Notebook 

Constructed from recycled kraft paper, this custom notebook is a perfect alternative to traditional plastic-covered notebooks. The sturdy cover ensures durability and protection for your notes and sketches, while its earthy brown color gives it a natural and rustic charm. Inside, you'll find smooth, acid-free, and chlorine-free pages that are perfect for jotting down your thoughts, ideas, or daily to-do lists. 

 The Kraft Paper Notebook is opened on the first page. Brown kraft cover is on the left, and white lined paper on the right. White pen is drawing a curly line of the paper side
An effective way to make your office plastic free is by providing a custom Kraft Paper Notebook for every employee!

4. Out of The Woods® Hedgehog Lunch Bag

Another custom Out of the Woods product we love that’s crafted used sturdy paper is the custom Hedgehog Lunch Bag. This awesome eco-bag combines functionality, style, and sustainability, making it a must-have for those committed to reducing plastic waste. Together, let's celebrate Plastic-Free July and make a positive impact on our environment, one lunch at a time!

A custom Out of The Woods® Hedgehog Lunch Bag made from brown kraft paper with a grey top and bottom. Out of the Woods logo on the front right with custom logo available elsewhere.
Inspire homemade lunches with a lunch bag that’s way cooler than any takeaway box! 

5. tentree Basic Hemp Altitude Hat

While this hat is made from hemp and not kraft paper, its innovative use of eco-friendly materials means we had to include it in this list! Provide your recipients with their own custom tentree Basic Hemp Altitude Hat - a sustainable fashion statement that promotes eco-consciousness and style. This unisex hat will help your team enjoy their summer while embodying the spirit of Plastic-Free July by offering a plastic-free alternative to reduce your environmental impact. Unisex - Grey heather tentree Basic Hemp Altitude Hat - Unisex with space for a custom logo on the front center.

Unisex - Grey heather tentree Basic Hemp Altitude Hat - Unisex with space for a custom logo on the front center.
This tentree Basic Hemp Altitude Hat isn’t just for Plastic Free July - it will be awesome for the whole summer! 

Recycled Materials

Plastic Free July brings attention to the urgent need for eco-friendly alternatives. One of the key solutions lies in the use of recycled materials, which play a crucial role in minimizing the demand for new plastic production. By utilizing recycled materials, we divert waste from landfills and reduce the harmful environmental impacts associated with the extraction, manufacturing, and disposal of virgin plastic. 

Choose from our fantastic range of recycled products to break free from the plastic cycle and support the development of a circular economy that promotes resource conservation and a healthier planet for future generations.

A crumpled plastic bottle lying on a beach
Put plastic to good use! The DGW Shop has lots of products made using recycled plastic bottles

1. Slowtide Pocket Beach Towel

As we celebrate Plastic-Free July, it's time to elevate your team’s beach game with the custom Slowtide Pocket Beach Towel. This sleek, stylish, and 100% recycled adventure companion is here to transform the way your employees and recipients enjoy some downtime this summer. 

 A black and white striped Slowtide Pocket Beach Towel with the bottom right corner lifted up to reveal a light blue ‘Your Logo’ placement.
With the custom Slowtide Pocket Beach Towel, plastic bottles look a lot more stylish

2. RuMe® Recycled Classic Medium Tote

Created with care, this custom RuMe® Recycled Classic Medium Tote is made from 100% recycled materials, giving new life to pre-consumer waste. Each bag transforms landfill trash into a stylish and durable fashion piece. By choosing this tote, you're not only reducing plastic waste but also contributing to a circular economy.

A black RuMe® Recycled Classic Medium Tote is shown with a white RuMe label attached to the top of the bag and a blue Your Design logo is front and center.
An all-purposeful tote makes a great custom corporate gift this Plastic Free July!

3. Osprey Arcane™ 15" Laptop Sleeve

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this custom Osprey Arcane™ 15" Laptop Sleeve is made from durable, bluesign®-approved recycled polyester fabric. Embrace eco-consciousness without compromising on quality this Plastic-Free July. 

A black Osprey Arcane™ 15" Laptop Sleeve with a silver laptop poking out of the zipped compartment. Osprey logo is front and center and white ‘Your Design’ logo below the company logo.
By utilizing recycled materials, Osprey reduces waste and conserves valuable resources

4. District® Re-Blanket™

The custom District® Re-Blanket™ has a generous size and weight, making it perfect as a custom corporate gift for your recipients to curl up on the couch, add an extra layer of warmth to their bed, or when the sun’s out, enjoy outdoor picnics and camping adventures. Its 100% recycled material design makes it suitable for all seasons, keeping you snug during the colder months and providing just the right amount of comfort when temperatures rise.

Blue District® Re-Blanket is folded into a quarter. White Your Logo design is on the front right of the blanket.
From the winter fireplace to a summer picnic, this custom blanket is suitable for every season

5. Allmade® Unisex Recycled Blend Tee

Crafted with care, the custom Allmade® Unisex Recycled Blend Tee is made from recycled cotton, ensuring a soft and luxurious feel that will help your employees and recipients feel their best. By choosing recycled cotton, you're actively supporting sustainable farming practices and minimizing the use of harmful chemicals that are detrimental to our planet and our health. 

Red Allmade® Unisex Recycled Blend Tee is shown. White Your Logo custom print is top right on the front of the red t-shirt. The T-Shirt is made using recycled materials.
It may seem like a little thing but buying recycled materials has heaps of benefits

One more thing 

Throughout this listicle, we’ve explored a range of inspiring custom products that exemplify the essence of Plastic Free July. From eco-friendly custom promo products to reusable bags, each item represents a commitment to reducing plastic waste and embracing more responsible consumption habits.

Thanks to our customers, we’re able to support more sustainable and mission-minded businesses and provide a brighter future for disadvantaged members of our communities. Discover more about who we are and why we think business should work for everyone, in our about us


Q: How can I find even more eco-friendly products?

A: You can discover hand-picked sustainable products in the DGW Shop, or speak to a Branded Expert who’ll curate ideas specifically for your project 

Q: Are all these products customizable? 

A: Yes! We can embroider, screen print, and engrave thousands of products including the ones we listed here. Speak to a Branded Expert for more information. 

Q: Other than selling eco-friendly products, are there any other reasons why I should buy from you? 

A: From improving outcomes to former foster youth, helping the previously incarcerated, and being a purpose-driven B Corp are a few more reasons why we’re revolutionizing the swag industry.

15 Ways your company can go plastic-free in July

With Plastic-Free July just around the corner, there's no better time to explore the world of eco-friendly custom promo products. Plastic-Free July is a month-long campaign encouraging individuals, businesses, and communities to reduce plastic consumption and find innovative alternatives.

We’re proud to do our bit for this incredible movement by supplying a wide range of eco-friendly promotional products. You can see even more ideas by visiting the DGW Shop, or discover the full selection by speaking with a Branded Expert. In this listicle, we’re going to focus on 15 of our favorite sustainable promo ideas to help your organization celebrate Plastic Free July 2023!

Discover sustainable, mission-minded branded merch with DGW Branded. As a certified B Corp, we offer quality branded swag for those seeking to align their brand with their values

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