Wheat Straw Bento Box

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This fully customizable Wheat Straw Bento Box offers an eco-conscious solution for employees or students who prefer packing lunch for the office or campus. Featuring dual compartments that stack neatly and secure with an elastic strap, each compartment is equipped with a plastic lid, ensuring a practical and secure way to transport delicious meals. Complete with a plastic knife, fork, and spoon for convenient dining on the go, this bento box embodies sustainability and practicality.

Materials & Dimensions
  • Eco-friendly bamboo lid
  • The compartments are constructed of 30% wheat straw and 70% plastic
  • Dimensionns: 1/4" L x 4 1/8" H x 1 3/4" D
  • The dual lunch compartments stack neatly and are secured with an elastic strap
  • Each compartment comes with its own plastic lid
  • Included are a plastic knife, fork & spoon
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Each compartment holds 20 Oz

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