OHOM Ui 3 Self-heating Mug Set

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Introducing the OHOM Ui 3 Self-heating Mug Set, the ultimate self-heating mug system tailored to elevate your beverage experience with personalized flair. With our custom branding options, the Ui 3 comes equipped with a completely redesigned heating/charging pad, upgraded ceramic glazing, a new ergonomic handle, and a charmingly rounded square lid, making it the epitome of modern beverage technology. Keep your drink perfectly hot & flavorful at 130°F / 55°C, all while showcasing your unique style or brand. Customize your Ui 3 to make it uniquely yours for the perfect branded gift.

Ui Mug Specifications:

  • Material: Handmade Fine ceramic
  • Volume: 12 fl oz / 355 mL

OHOM Pad Specifications:

  • Mug heating output: 22W max
  • Cell-phone charging output: 15W max

Package includes: Ui Mug with lid, OHOM Pad, power adapter & USB Type C cable

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