IprintIt Portable Wireless Phone Printer

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Effortlessly link the portable wireless printer to your phone via Bluetooth for versatile printing. Your recipients can enjoy creating black-and-white photos, study notes, to-do lists, and customizable bookmarks, labels, journals, greeting cards, and beyond. Each custom IprintIt Portable Wireless Phone Printer includes rolls of thermal paper and thermal sticker paper. Compatible with leading phone brands, it offers up to 4 hours of continuous battery life.

  • Easily connects to phone or device via Bluetooth
  • Wirelessly prints black-and-white photos, notes, labels and more!
  • Includes a roll of thermal paper and thermal sticker paper
  • 4-hour battery life for continuous use, with a quick recharge time of just 2 hours
  • Compatible with all major phone brands
  • Type C Charging Cable Included
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