Bamboo Aromatic Oil Diffuser

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Aromatherapy is a method of promoting moments of calm and relaxation and the custom Bamboo Aromatic Oil Diffuser is one of the best aromatherapy methods – fill the inner chamber with water & add a few drops of essential oil and relax!


  • This Ultrasonic Real Bamboo Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser is extremely quiet and heat free
  • Essential oils are not included with this diffuser however a list of calming essential oil suggestions is included with instructions
  • Choose your desired time 1 Hr or 2 Hr, then your mode intermittent or continuous. It diffuses up to 7 hours on continuous or 14 on intermittent, then shuts off automatically
  • Use and Care Instructions are included
  • Box included (8.75"L x 4"H x 4"W)
  • Bamboo is a natural, renewable material

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