A future beyond plastic

Finding what businesses are doing their bit for the planet and who’s simply greenwashing is a constant headache. We’ve done the hard work for you. Every product with a green leaf icon is produced by putting the planet first.
Shopping for eco-friendly products shouldn’t cause stress, so when you see this green leaf, you can be assured this vendor is carbon-neutral, sources sustainably, or uses alternatives to plastic.

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Putting people and planet over profit.

A whole lot of good

Buying plastic-free swag  isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for business. Your organization’s values are reflected in the Branded Merch that you buy and let’s face it, a wheat straw charging pad or a bamboo water bottle is a far better look than the plastic alternative.

Sustainable Materials

Wheat straw was once considered a waste product but it’s now at the forefront of the post-plastic revolution. Whether as Bento Boxes, cutlery, or even sunglasses, will you be tempted by wheat straw for your corporate swag?

Due to bamboo's rapid growth, bamboo forests are rapidly replenished. Bamboo made products are also remarkably resilient, making it the ideal material for cheese boards, umbrellas and so much more Branded Merch.

With annual textile waste estimated to equal 25 billion pounds, recycling is crucial if we’re to live in a more sustainable world. We source recycled cotton from business cards to backpacks to create something special from scraps.

Compared to cotton, lyocell can use less than half as much water in production. The fabric's breathability is also great for the planet, since it doesn't smell as quickly and can be washed less frequently, which also saves water.

Who we are

We love creating kit experiences for our clients! Not only does this allow us to get creative with our approaches, but it also creates the most amount of jobs for young adults who’ve experienced foster care.

Our Team

The future is green

Seeing swag sent to landfills made us even more determined to deliver cherished products. By providing eco-friendly products from mission-driven suppliers such as Allmade, means delivering products your recipients will use for years.

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