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Let’s build a better world

1% for the Planet is a global business movement that creates powerful environmental projects and inspires global action. Every certified business that donates a portion of its profits to this organization can be trusted to be doing good for ecological programs.

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Putting people and planet over profit.

A good investment

Addressing today’s urgent environmental issues and investing in a healthy, sustainable world is something every one of our certified 1% For The Planet partners is actively engaged in. With your support, we can help combat climate change, advance environmental justice, lead the clean energy transition, and so much more.

Who we are

We love creating kit experiences for our clients! Not only does this allow us to get creative with our approaches, but it also creates the most amount of jobs for young adults who’ve experienced foster care.

Our Team

 Together we’re unbreakable 

If every business takes responsibility, 1% can make an extraordinary difference. Watch the video to discover how we can help protect our planet by making business sustainable. 

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1% for The Planet

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