Slowtide, fast dry

Slowtide’s art-inspired towels and blankets provide a canvas for self-expression. Each product is crafted with premium and sustainable materials, making them more functional, absorbent, and quick to dry. Creative and beautiful designs from a mission-minded company are why our Branded Slowtide towels are so popular with our customers.

Waves of progress

Slowtide strives to use the most sustainable materials and invests in new fabric innovations to ensure they’re reducing their impact on the planet. They searched the globe for the best manufacturers to ensure their products are made to the highest possible standards made by workers who are well-treated and paid a living wage.

Customize your favorite Slowtide goods to join the pioneering change they’re creating in community outreach and education.

Obsessed with detail 

Every Slowtide product is guaranteed to last. Since its foundation, Slowtide has been passionate about perfecting every process that goes into making its towels, ponchos, and blankets. From sustainable materials to details like size, weight, weaving techniques, hanging loops, and reusable packaging, they’ve thought of it all. It’s by caring about every stage of the design that ensures every recipient will love their Branded Slowtide gift.

Ticking all the boxes

A good idea often seems obvious once it’s been thought of. That’s exactly how Slowtide got started. Three friends realized that there were no beautiful beach towels that were fast-drying and helped protect the oceans they love. Ten years later, thousands of customers have proven it was a pretty good idea.

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