Adventures in color

A relative newcomer in the adventure clothing industry, Cotopaxi is making a huge name for themselves with their powerful, bright, garments and bags. Their multi-color jackets and backpacks are unique as every product is made using recycled fabrics.

Embroider your company logo on your favorite Cotopaxi products to make them even more unique. This is a gift every recipient will love and show off your business in the best possible light.

Trailblazers in responsibility 

Cotopaxi believes it shouldn’t just be the adventurers who benefit from their products. They’re creating global change by dedicating a percentage of our revenues to nonprofits working to transform lives. Their commitment to making the most sustainable gear possible is why they’re carbon neutral and develop and uplift communities where their apparel’s made. 

A unique identity 

There’s nothing like a Cotopaxi product. Because their mission is interconnected with their design, every item is made using reused fabrics. Recycled & repurposed materials, and bright-as-can-be fabrics make each bag a complete one-off. Recipients - and your brand - will stand out and your commitments to sustainability will be clear for everyone to see. 

Unique by nature

Cotopaxi is Responsible Down Standard Certified. This ensures that feathers for their famous jackets come from animals that have been treated ethically. Your recipients will adore these lightweight, kaleidoscopic jackets even during the chilliest of nights.

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