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In our efforts to brand only eco-friendly apparel, Allmade is our leading partner in creating a more sustainable planet. If you’re looking for the softest-feeling shirt that puts the needs of people and the planet first, then look no further than Allmade. We share their vision of creating a positive impact you can feel great about and know you will too. 

For the people 

Allmade’s goal was pretty simple. After seeing the poverty and injustices faced by Haitian workers, they knew what great impact they could create with fair wages and safe working conditions. 

How their garments are made extends into the process of creating the fabric. Allmade tees are crafted with less water than conventional tees and their tees help reduce your carbon footprint! Everyone wins with a Branded Allmade shirt. 

Fashion meets function 

Every Allmade t-shirt prevents an equivalent of up to 6 recycled plastic bottles from going into the ocean. Their innovations in the design process means that their shirts are created using this recycled polyester, and combined with 25% organic cotton, they're just as soft as any high-end tee. 

Feel your Impact

Allmade's founders realized they could improve shirt printing when they visited Haiti in 2016. After years of growth and success, Allmade has expanded from their Haiti factory to include new sites in Honduras and India. No matter where they’re located, Allmade continues to ensure every worker is paid a living wage and works in safe conditions.Every time your recipient wears Allmade, they can feel good knowing your purchase will have a lasting impact.

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