10 Best Eco-Friendly Promotional Products (2022)


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There’s no doubt how appealing cheap, plastic goodies are for an affordable marketing buzz. Yet these flimsy products, once broken or discarded, will only be seen again if visiting a landfill is on your to-do list. Even if we ignore the absurd waste found in the lifecycle of a single plastic bottle there are plenty of reasons to invest in sustainable products.

We use high-quality and durable designs to create laster longing products and more engaged users. Everyone loves companies that invest in eco-friendly products, too!

Of course, higher quality goods tend to have a greater initial cost – but the good news just doesn’t stop! On top of all the other benefits, we’re confident that our products are the same or similar price as those currently in your shopping basket. If you don’t believe us, take a look at our ten favorites below:

1. Sustainable Wheat Mug

A mug is always a useful promo idea, if a bit boring. Liven things up with our Wheat Mug; a far more eye-turning (and sustainable) promotional product. It’s pretty big, and coupled with a double steel construction, extra large coffees will be kept hot for hours. Plus, a handy push-on lid keeps laptops from panicking. Also one percent of sales of EcoSmart products (like this wheat mug) will be donated to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the planet.

 Sustainable Wheat Mug
Innvoative materials means going green yet its familiar size means the Sustainable Wheat Mug will still work with most coffee machines

2. Wheat Straw Wireless Charging Pad

This Wheat Straw Wireless Charging Pad is another great EcoSmart gadget. Cables are a thing of the past and its intelligent design means its wheat straw and plastic construction makes it a far more sustainable promotional product than leading competitors.

A wheat charging pad to charge your gadgets... now we've seen everything!

3. Flow and Grow Eco-Friendly Gift

A really imaginative, eco-friendly gift idea is our Flow and Grow Gift Set. Normally after scented candles have burned out the fun’s extinguished, but not with this unique gift set. The ceramic candle vessel transforms into a planter to grow basil seeds. Customers take pride in growing their own non-GMO seeds and with our included plant food and instructions, success is guaranteed.

Plant food is provided to make the grow kit live up to its name!

4. Farina Wheat Pen

The amazing Farina Wheat Pen is another awesome custom promotional product made from renewable wheat straw. Thanks to its unique texturized thumbprint grip, scribbling away all day has never been so comfortable. This is an innovative approach that makes the classic ballpoint a little more eco-friendly.

Four Farina Wheat Pens
With plenty of space for your logo or custom design, this is a brilliant way to show off your company's brand and its green credentials!

5. Eco-Friendly Tree Kit

Our Tree Kit is a great purchase for saving the planet. For every purchase, a tree is planted somewhere in the country. The world loses almost six million hectares of forest each year to deforestation. It’s vital we offset this catastrophe with green promotional products like this. Even the container is well thought out. It’s made in the USA and is 100% biodegradable (made from cow manure no less) – so it helps heal nutrient-depleted soil. A tree kit makes for a perfect pastime; even for a complete novice, planting a blooming plant should be easy. Our kit contains seeds that thrive whether in Albuquerque or Wyoming so it makes for an enjoyable hobby rather than an unnecessary headache.

If we all buy one of these Eco-friendly Tree Kit for our employees, our forests will soon be replenished

6. Sustainable Self Watering Plant

Even the most enthusiastic of plant lovers can struggle with the hobby when consumed by office work, family life, and all of our other commitments. It’s why our self-watering planter is such a good idea, and one of our favorite green promotional products. The simple but ingenious hydroponic system provides your beloved plant with just the right amount of water to keep it healthy. Even for the busiest office worker, the plant’s manageable: just pour water into the glass reservoir whenever the water levels become low.

This plant can be the perfect morale booster for the office desk... so long as your employee isn't accident prone!

7. Bamboo Power Bank with Wireless Charger

This Bamboo Power Bank with Wireless Charger is the sleekest and elegant design we’ve ever seen. It’s a modern design thanks to a full bamboo body that encases a 50000mAh battery. Featuring wireless charging and two convenient USB charging ports it’s as practical as it is aesthetic.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Power Bank
This power bank is beautifully deisgned, only bettered when your company's custom logo is engraved

8. Rocket Book

You best believe that the rocket book lives up to its name. With the Everlast, we can finally wave goodbye to the paper world. With the feel of a standard textbook and by using a Pilot FriXion pen, it’s just like writing on regular paper, but better!

Instead of losing your notes, they’ll be uploaded straight to the cloud. Clearing your notes only requires a drop of water and the included microfiber cloth to wipe away your notes like magic!

Will this Rocket Book fuel a climate revolution?

9. Recycled Kraft Paper Bag

However many tote bags are available, none are quite like ours. Thanks to its amazing wood pulp blended paper, it’s arguably the most eco-friendly bag out there.

It’s sturdy, reusable, and washable – so should last just as long as a conventional tote bag. Made of heavy-weight 350 GSM natural Kraft paper. Features 12″ braided cloth tote handles.

Th look and feel of leather but without harms cows in the process

10. Sustainable Lunch Cooler

Our eco-friendly lunch cooler is made with certified bamboo fiber fabric, making it natural and sustainable. Bamboo is way faster at growing than trees that typically supply wood for products. Bamboo’s brilliance as an eco-friendly material is further highlighted as it thrives without fertilizer or pesticides.

This sustainable lunch cooler features a dual-zippered opening to the main insulated compartment.

Seal your sandwiches in style: this Sustainable Lunch Cooler is the perfect lunchtime accessory

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