Doing Good Report 2022 Edition

Turning transactions into transformations

total investments

new jobs for people impacted by foster care
People impacted through financial investment
work hours for poeple impacted by foster care
coaching hours
spent on employee transportation
spent on providing meals for our workforce development team
“In addition to a deep commitment to making a positive social impact on and giving back to the community, Doing Good Works has a track record of consistently meeting and exceeding expectations, providing excellent customer experience, and procuring high-quality promotional merchandise. ICAD’s partnership with DGW proved to be a great success — the holiday gift boxes turned out beautifully and were very well received by the ICAD team!”
-Irvine Company Apartment Development (ICAD) Division


new jobs for people impacted by foster care


work hours for people impacted by foster care

At DGW Branded, we offer a stable platform that guarantees our Do Good team members have the support and structure necessary for long-term success. Our focus extends beyond just employment, as we provide resources for addressing trauma and personal and professional development. We even offer transportation and lunch to ensure every team member has all the necessary provisions while working with us.


coaching hours


young adults involved in coaching programs

Securing a job is a significant achievement for those who have been impacted by foster care. However, it's crucial to establish a strong foundation to ensure sustained success. To achieve this, we provide coaching and mentorship to each member of our Do Good team, equipping them with the essential personal and professional skills for stability and advancement.


donated to organizations

Our financial donations increased by almost 100% over the past year as we seek to expand the ways we’re able to do good beyond our own mission at DGW Branded. This includes the support we were able to give to those affected by Hurricane Ian which devastated Florida in November 2022. 

We were blessed to see how our team in Florida supported their neighbors who suffered during this natural disaster. DGW employees volunteered and donated emergency supplies to support families most badly affected.


spent on employee transportation

Many of us tend to overlook the convenience of commuting to work by car or train, assuming it as a given. However, it's crucial to bear in mind that not everyone possesses the means to purchase their own vehicle or the opportunity to acquire a driving license.

To prevent transportation from hindering the Do Good team's ability to report to work, we made sure that each member had access to various modes of transportation, including Lyft, bicycles, or train tickets.

Our Future Focus

Everything we do at Doing Good Works, including here at DGW Branded, is geared towards creating employment opportunities for those impacted by foster care. In 2023, our focus is expanding our nonprofit, Foster Greatness, by providing its Foster your Greatness Master Class nationwide. You can discover more about these peer-led training programs by visiting

Our 2023 Outlook:

We take great pride that we were able to accomplish almost a 100% growth in our impact investments compared to 2022. In 2023, we’re committed to maintain this incredible growth as we continue to invest in hiring, supply chain, personal growth, and community partnerships.


Our Do Good team is expanding! We're providing more opportunities for individuals who have experienced foster care to enhance their personal and professional skills and secure meaningful, long-term employment. In 2022, we felt proud to have provided 38 jobs for people with experience in foster care. This year, we’re determined to have an even greater impact on the lives of young adults envision a brighter future. You can discover more about our Do Good team on our Shipping & Fulfillment page

Supply Chain

We know that the future of swag is sustainable, responsibly-made, and designed to last. Our efforts over the past year to diversify our supply chain and vendor selection reflects our focus to embody this new era of swag. It’s also why we created our new ‘Shop by Mission’ pages to make it even easier for our customers to discover products made by certified B Corps, BIPOC and women-owned businesses and other organizations that are making a positive impact on the world.

Wellness and Personal Growth

Our motivation for operating is best reflected in the success stories of individuals who form our Do Good team. In the coming year, we plan to enhance our tracking tools to facilitate better individual growth, and ensure everyone in our organization is progressing towards wellness and personal development.

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